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Getting the message across – the right equipment.

I will be happy to help you organise the technical interpreting equipment for your event. I work with reliable conference management companies that provide a top-quality service. This all-round solution guarantees that interpretation works smoothly, not least in technical terms, and that everything is in place for effective communication.

Technical equipment for simultaneous interpreting
If you have opted for simultaneous interpreting and no permanent interpreting booth is installed where you are holding your conference or meeting, you will need to hire special interpreting equipment, consisting of an interpreters’ booth with an interpreter's desk, microphones and headsets, receivers for the listeners and further technical equipment. I will be happy to help you as a consultant interpreter, working with reliable system providers in your region. If required, the interpreting equipment can be connected to your existing microphone and loudspeaker equipment.

Technical equipment for whispered interpreting (or chuchotage)
krämer dolmetschservice has its own portalbe sound transmission system, which is ideal for whispered interpreting and is available for rental. The system consists of a wireless microphone and up to 20 receivers. The manufacturer is Beyerdynamic, the market leader in sound transmission systems.

Please note that a portable system cannot replace an interpreter's booth and is only an option if you need an interpreter for a guided tour or in noisy surroundings - and for a short period of time. For an all-day meeting you will need a professional booth - for the sake of the listeners, the interpreters and - above all - quality!

Don't hesitate to contact me - I will be happy to send you a quote tailored to your needs!

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