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Quality is the most cost-efficient way of investing your money. Aba Assa

The professions of "interpreter" and "translator" are not protected. Anyone can call themselves an interpreter or translator. Obviously, that means that the quality available on the market can vary.

By relying on the services of interpreters and translators with the right training and qualifications, you can be sure that communication flows smoothly, regardless of language barriers, and that potentially costly misunderstandings are avoided. But who is "qualified"?
Customer references and testimonials are obviously one way of learning more about whether a company delivers top quality that customers are satisfied with. On request, I can gladly send you further customer feedback and a list of customers who are prepared to personally tell you more about the quality of my services.
A university degree is another mark of someone who is an expert in the field. Graduate translators and interpreters have acquired sound skills not just in their foreign languages but also in the field in which they have chosen to specialise. They have had to pass numerous exams to prove that their skills meet market needs and customer expectations - which is why their customers can expect excellent quality.
Membership of a professional association can also be a guarantee of quality. Professional associations set their own clear quality standards and have a code of professional ethics that all members undertake to observe.
Professional interpreters will always make sure that they are well prepared for an assignment by researching the topic of the meeting or conference and the specialist terminology used.
And this is where your support comes in: the more comprehensive and detailed the documents you provide, the higher the quality you can expect.
You would like to know more about the profession and its quality standards? Get in touch - I will be happy to provide you with more information.

Anne-Kristin Krämer
M.A. in Conference Interpreting
Active member AIIC and VKD
Graduate interpreter&translator

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